Statewide approach for fighting COVID-19 still up in the air

NOW: Statewide approach for fighting COVID-19 still up in the air

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) – Gov. Tony Evers' administration provided its scope statement for how it wants the state to proceed with its response to the ongoing pandemic but it was received negatively by Republicans.

The scope statement is the first in a long list of steps of the rulemaking process involving the Legislature that the administration must now go through following the state Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Safer at Home Order extension.

Sen. Steve Nass (R – Whitewater) rejected the administration’s scope statement, saying in a statement that Evers should withdraw it.

Republicans as a whole have to coalesced around one main plan or set of ideas to present to the governor, instead content with a wait-and-see approach.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R – Rochester) and Rep. Joan Ballweg (R – Markesan) told reporters that they trust localities and businesses to reopen safely and that a state approach will be taken up if necessary.

On The Steve Scaffidi radio program, Gov. Evers as asked if he regrets not initiating talks with the GOP earlier.

“It wouldn’t’ve made any difference,” Evers said. “They control that process. They weren’t going to enshrine the Badger Bounce Back plan in administrative rules.”

Sen. Van Wanggaard (R – Racine) is the Majority Caucus Chair and also expressed disappointment in the governor’s scope statement. He blames the administration for not engaging with the Republican-controlled Legislature for a statewide response.

“This governor has not been willing to sit at the table and have a discussion,” Wanggaard said in a remote video interview. “We don’t need to go back there and have that fight all over again. What we need to do is have everybody at the table having a conversation.”

Wanggaard said he does not believe that DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm should be immediately removed from her position as some of his Senate Republican colleagues have expressed. But he added that her appointment to the position will likely be considered the next time the Senate convenes.


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