State Sen. Leibham's Decision could Create Senate Power Shift

MADISON -- There are a number of state legislators linked to running for the open congressional seat.

There are many state lawmakers who could run for his seat...

Capitol insiders on both sides of the aisle say the same thing.

After Senator Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) announced his retirement-- a potential power shift hinges on whether Senator Joe Leibham (R- West Bend) runs for Congress.

\"These were districts where the democrats had no chance to pick them up. Now they become districts where there is a good possibility democrats might pick them up. They've gone from completely uncompetitive, to tightly contested.\" Said University of Wisconsin political science professor, Kenneth Mayer.\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">

Leibham's staffers tell us he hasn't made his decision yet.font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">

But Monday, Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released a statement saying he will not be throwing his hat into the ring, and says he's focused on re-election for his current state senate seat.\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">

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