State Representative from Milwaukee Discusses Gun Lobbying

This leads us to Madison of course where a Milwaukee State Representative tells us he senses compromise in the air.

But will be there consensus in Washington?

Here is my conversation with a congressman who's been serving Wisconsin's 5th district since 1979 Republican Jim Sensenbrenner.

Michele McCormack: State Representative Evan Goyke, Democrat from Milwaukee what do you make when you hear people say Wisconsin is one of those states that is run by the gun lobby?

Evan Goyke: I've seen it. 

Michele: That is happening?

Goyke: It is. We have failed to have meaningful conversations about gun laws in Madison in the state capitol.

Michele: And you're saying it's because your colleagues are controlled by the gun lobby?

Goyke: There's something that prevents this debate from happening.

Michele: Given that how can we anticipate when you get together again in January that there would be any changes tightening the conceal carry permit law?

Goyke: We can't continue the status quo. We can't have the number of gun homicides we have.  It's unacceptable. There is a breaking point. An urgency. Innnocent victims getting shot on the playground. There comes a time when we break this log jam.

Michele: You were present with Governor Walker when more than four million dollars was pledged to the Sherman Park neighborhood. I can understand how you find compromise on something like that. How can you find compromise when it comes to guns?

Goyke: I do. Here's my take. If we close our eyes and picture someone with a gun do you see a hero or a villain? This is the difference so when I'm sitting in committee I've debated when we talk about allowing guns on campus. My colleagues see a hero someone who can stop something bad from happening. Others see somebody intent on making something bad happen. Those are views as different as the parties. There's got to be common ground.   Some way to reconcile this. It starts with this dialogue.

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