State official reminds parents of back to school immunizations

MADISON -- He says parents have until the 30th school day to turn in shot records to their child’s school, but he’s encouraging parents to get that done as quickly as possible.

If a parent doesn’t turn in that shot record by the 30th school day, the school district could decide to make the student stay out of school until their shots are up to date.

The State Department of Health Services say most of these back to school vaccines are covered by insurance; but some county health departments will offer clinics leading up to the new school year, making it easier for parents to afford those shots.

He says Milwaukee County handles that a little differently than other counties.

“Milwaukee is unique as a county in that they have municipality health departments. There is not a one county health department. But they can contact the village or city in which they live to find the immunization hours, the clinic hours of their local health department.” said Dan Hopfensperger, the Director of the Wisconsin Immunization Program.

DHS has online resources to help parents. The immunization requirements are posted on this link, and an immunization registry can be found here.

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