State lawmaker from Milwaukee won't cut hair until bill passes

NOW: State lawmaker from Milwaukee won’t cut hair until bill passes

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A state lawmaker from Milwaukee is taking a unique approach to raise awareness for a cause he cares about. 

State Representative Jonathan Brostoff hasn't had a haircut in more than a year. He is the co-author of a bill that helps hearing-impaired people in Wisconsin. 

Last year, he promised supporters that he wouldn't cut his hair until the bill passed. 

"I'm making this commitment this is going to be a visual indicator to you visually that every day you see me that it's not passed we keep working on it, and for myself, every day I look in the mirror when I wake up it's a reminder to me, keep your focus get it done," said State Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (D) Milwaukee. 

Representative Brostoff says he's optimistic the bill will pass this year. He says when the bill passes, he plans to have a party where supporters can see him finally get a haircut. 

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