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State Fair judging underway for photography and quilts contests

The Wisconsin State Fair kicks off in a little more than 2 weeks but judging is already underway.

CBS 58 News stopped by State Fair Park where three judges looked over more than 2,900 images for the photography and quilts contests.

The photos are rated on a scale of 1 to 4.

Those with the highest numbers will be in display at the fair but the biggest reward is much more than it seems.

"Well they get the photograph posted with a ribbon next to it and you get some bragging rights with your family and friends and, you know, it is a big deal to get a ribbon because some of these people are not real experienced in photography. They don't know exactly what to expect and then 'bang' they get a photograph that, that enters and gets a ribbon, and that really makes them happy," said Photography Contest Judge Dave Edwards.

You can see all the winners for yourself at the State Fair which runs August 3rd through the 13th.

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