State Commissioner of Insurance talks Affordable Care Act issues

MADISON- State Commissioner of Insurance, Ted Nickel, spoke to CBS 58 on Friday about the issues with Obamacare.

He feared that ,because of major technical issues with the site, people may just give up trying to enroll.

Nickle wanted to find out how many people that were, in his words, having trouble getting to the finish line.

His office called the 13 insurance carriers offering Wisconsinites plans into the federal marketplace.

He said they found that less than 50 people in the entire state signed up for Obamacare in the first week.

He admitted this is not  perfect science, but it showed him that there is frustration and difficulty in trying to get signed up.

Health and Human services Region V Director Kathleen Falk told CBS 58 on Tuesday that exact numbers would be released by the Federal Government at the end of the month.

Nickel was asked what he anticipates those numbers may show.

\"We have no idea, but I hope to see a gradual and precipitous increase,\" he said.

He added that fixes must be done on the site in order to help people enroll and that he's optimistic that will be done.

Nickel told CBS 58 that the Department of Health Services is prepared to use paper applications to help people transition if needed down the road.

Nickel expects his office to have updated numbers on Monday.

The enrollment deadline is December 15.


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