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Split reaction coming in about voter ID ruling

The U.S. Supreme court has now put the photo I.D. requirement on hold with a little more than three weeks before the election.

Last month, a federal appeals court reinstated the law, a decision that had voters and election officials scrambling to meet the requirement.

Reaction from both sides of this contentious voter id debate continues to pour in. Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore celebrated the decision Friday morning at a press conference with the ACLU. The ACLU was one of the petitioners in the case against voter ID, asking that the US Supreme Court stop it. The ACLU said there was not enough time to get this voter ID law implemented properly before the November 4 election. They believe it could prevent thousands from voting.

Congresswoman Moore also brought along Vel Phillips - the former Wisconsin Secretary of State. Phillips was used as an example of someone who doesn't drive and does not have identification. She wants to vote and was nervous about not having an ID. She admitted she can't find her passport or drivers license.

Moore took her through the DMV on Teutonia Avenue in Milwaukee to get an ID Friday morning even though it is no longer required. She was able to do so in about 30 minutes. Moore compared the voter ID law to a poll tax during the press conference. However, she's elated the voter ID law is dead for now.

\"The constitution does not have a financial test in it to say that in order to vote you got to pay WE Energies,\" Moore said. \"Or you have to have a landlord. You can be 18 years old without any bills and have the right to vote.\"

Meanwhile Wisconsin Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman is not happy with the ruling.

\"With so many different areas in society in which you have to present a photo ID, it is very frustrating some judges would strike down the will of the Wisconsin legislature,\" Grothman said.

State Attorney General JB Van Hollen believes the law is constitutional and points out nothing in the court order says otherwise. He said he'll explore alternatives to address the court's concern and have voter ID on election day.

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