Spiritual House Cleaning Before the Company Arrives for Thanksgiving

No doubt many are beginning a rigorous house cleaning as you prepare for company over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Shorewood psychic, author, and clearing expert Jeffrey Seelman says you should consider a spiritual house cleaning too.

"So many people dearly want to see their loved ones over the holidays like Thanksgiving, and yet dread all of the baggage that has occurred from the past," saying Seelman.

He says it's important that people acknowledge and be aware of how they absorb energy and how it impacts behavior.

"I think most families have these issues. I do think that discussing the positive aspects of clearing and protection of negative emotional energy from the home, which anybody can do with just a few pointers that I can give, is a good idea."

Seelman says his process is  scientific and nonreligious in nature and will not offend anyone.

He says many of my clients belong to all different faiths or are even atheistic in their belief systems.

"It is really just energy that people give off or generate."

Seelman was a special live guest on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m.

His interview is attached to this story.

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