Special Report: CBS 58 Obtains Photos of Ethan Allan Correctional Facility

When allegations of abuse prompted an investigation at the Lincoln Hills correctional facility for boys, there was an immediate call to get most of the youth offenders back closer to home to Milwaukee County.

Many prominent voices including that of the NAACP believe the now closed Ethan Allen correctional facility near Delafield was an obvious choice.

Since it's been sitting vacant since 2011 nobody was quite sure what was going on inside...now because of photos obtained by CBS 58 News we know.

“Certainly in terms of distance to Milwaukee that would be the better site. Whether or not that site is feasible and how quickly that site could be made operational I have no idea,” Michael Hafemann, Supt. Milwaukee Co. Corrections said.

That was the Superintendent of Milwaukee County Corrections just last week. TONIGHT we can show you exactly what the former youth correctional facility looks like inside.

Fred Royal, President NAACP has lead the charge to reopen the Ethan Allen school for boys.

The photos obtained by CBS 58 NEWS appear to show the highly toxic black mold.

The Department of Corrections has not responded to our requests for confirmation.

Still in Fred Royal's mind all is not lost.

“I'm surprised it's not worse than that. Which tells me there's some structural integrity at that building,” said Royal.

Royal said he believes Ethan Allan should not have been shut down. He said especially since the large outlay of cash prior to that shutdown.

When Ethan Allan was closed in 2011, its young offenders most from Milwaukee County sent up north to Lincoln Hills

The state said it saved taxpayers millions, but now with the scandal comes the obvious question at what cost?

Royal said Lincoln Hills had been a huge detriment to the children because of the sexual assaults, abuse, lack of educational system, and lack of mental health treatment.

While the county board has approved $500,000 to relocate the offenders, nobody can say for sure where they would go.

The County said it is working on a plan. The house of corrections could fit 32 at the most and but if the clean-up is too expensive at Ethan Allen, the NAACP would be open to other options.

“We have a whole lot of land at Innovation Park. Even if you wanted something tailored just for these 170 students or more. We can invest 500 million in a Bucks arena. But we can't invest in our children what does that say about us as a community,” said Royal.   

And what does it say that for all the talks that are happening the Milwaukee Police Department has not been involved.

“I am a little concerned that the County's decided to bring everybody home without consulting the people who will be impacted by the crimes these young people commit. They claim all will be well  I would be eager to be part of any solutions to do right by the juveniles but also the victims,” said Chief Flynn.

NAACP agrees a less expensive alternative of housing them at various locations 30 here and 20 there probably wouldn't be effective since one facility with schooling and mental treatment available is essential if these young offenders are to have any chance to reform.

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