Special Hearing Held to Learn about Safety Risks for City Employees

Three weeks after City Worker Greg Ziggy Zyszkiewicz was gunned down doing his job, Milwaukee’s city leaders want to find ways to make sure his life wasn't taken in vain.

Common council members held a special hearing on Thursday to learn just what city employees face in the field on a daily basis.

Representatives with the Finance and Personnel Committee just started announcing their recommendations.

The health department says one of things they'd like to see is emotional support for employees after the death of Greg \"Ziggy\" Zyszkiewicz fear is very high amongs the workers.

Some of the suggested recommendations include uniforms so workers can identify themselves.

Another suggestion was tracking information about certain neighborhoods so workers are informed before they go to a home.

In addition, forming procedures with the Milwaukee Police Department was recommended.

These are just some of the ideas presented to keep employees safe.

Presenters say this is not a one size fits all when comes to implementing policies and procedures to keeping all city workers safe. 

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