Southeastern Wisconsin's Residents Woke Up with Water in Basements

A lot of people in Southeastern Wisconsin woke up with water in their basement after yesterday's rain.

CBS 58's Julie Parise has been talking with an expert about how best to get that water out of the house as quickly as possible.

A lot of neighborhoods are drying out after yesterday's storm including here in Tosa.

The rain made a muddy mess for some construction workers here off Hawley Road.

You can see a pile of fresh mud here - as well as a pile branches that fell off trees and onto the street overnight.

This house didn't suffer any water damage in the basement, but we're told other homes along this street weren't as lucky.

We asked experts what to do if you're faced with water damage and what you can do to prevent it.

If they have any standing water then we go to a utility pump that you can plug right in. anything you can do to guide water away from the house - whether it's a sump pump extension that will guide water away from the house.

Many hardware stores also sell small water alarms to install in your basement - they alert the homeowner when water is detected.

 They usually cost under $15.

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