South side Businesses work together to help community

Local business owners on Milwaukee's south side are working together to help the community thrive.

A Milwaukee south side neighborhood (S. 13th street between Cleveland and Morgan Avenue, and West Oklahoma Avenue between Chase Avenue and South 15th street) is now

working to improve their community.

\"This is a family business,\"said Ambrocio Chairez, owner of Tortilleria El Sol.

Tortilleria El Sol is one of many mom-and-pop places along S. 13th street in Milwaukee's south side.

\"Me and my brother started this, and it was just a project,\" said Chairez.

A project that turned into a successful business. His business supplies several localrestaurantss withtortillass.

Now, he wants the same success for other businesses nearby and for his community. Which is why he is onto another project, to be a part of Business Improvement District.

\"It's a project for economic development for the area,\"said Chairez.

This group consists of south side business owners who meet regularly.

They discuss ways to ensure people come back to shop here.

\"We want more police around the area, because when there is more police presence, people feel safer,\" said Chairez.

Bringing more police presence in is just one of their many goals.

\"As a business owner, you have to take care of your customers and watch out for your safety. Sometimes we feel lonely, like nobody is looking to take care of us,\" said Reziq Attari, a south side business owner.

An issue he may not have to worry about for much longer.

\"That's why we decided to go for the bid and to preserve the community around here,\" said Chairez.

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