South Milwaukee to take up anti-bullying ordinance, fines for parents up to $400

NOW: South Milwaukee to take up anti-bullying ordinance, fines for parents up to $400

Another local city wants to make bullying illegal.

The South Milwaukee mayor believes holding parents accountable will help fight bullying.

Mayor Erik Brooks says no specific incident prompted the anti-bullying ordinance, but the police say they were inspired by other communities adopting something similar.

A bully and their parents could be fined over $400 dollars if other measures don't work.

“The fines generally would go to a teenager engaged in bullying, but if that teenager was warned, and in the event we will warn the parent in writing, and the bullying continued in the next 90 days, a parent could be subject to citations as well,” said Chief William Jessup, South Milwaukee Police.

Chief Jessup says he hopes the police department won't have to use it very often.

To read the ordinance, click here.

"I’m proud of our ongoing partnership with the South Milwaukee School District, especially when it helps with the safety and welfare of our students," said Mayor Erik Brooks in his South Milwaukee Blog.

As a father of two the mayor is interested to see the impact this ordinance will have on parents

“It certainly holds the kid accountable, and they’re held accountable in a variety of ways, but this is unique in that it actually holds the parents accountable for the worst case offenders. There is potentially fines in store for the parents, and I think they bear responsibility here as well,” said Mayor Erik Brooks.

The ordinance did past an initial vote in April.

The final vote is scheduled for May 15th.

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