"Some like collector edition of Candy Land:" Packages in Riverwest stolen, replaced with board games

NOW: “Some like collector edition of Candy Land:“ Packages in Riverwest stolen, replaced with board games

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's the holiday time of giving and with increasing online shopping sales, many are soon expecting packages delivered. Residents in Riverwest say their packages went missing on Monday morning and were replaced with used board games.

"It was kind of weird. It was like um...some like collector edition of Cand Land or something like that," said resident Jackson Erdman.

Erdman came home Monday to find a used board game on his front door. He says initially he thought the board game belonged to his roommate but later found out the game wasn't hers. What's more is that she had been expecting a package which she now believes was stolen and switched out with the board game.

"Yeah, it was out of the plastic wrapping, didn't have any stickers to seal it or anything like that," said Erdman.

A neighbor about 4 houses down from Jackson's house on Weil Street says she had a similar incident happen at her duplex. She said she heard the delivery driver Monday morning, and two hours later found an empty box on the porch and a used Life board game next to it.

Another neighbor said they had some packages go missing last year. "Basically it's a good street but sometimes around the holidays is when we get packages that go missing," said neighbor Todd Erickson.

While they weren't replaced with board games, Erickson has been having his packages delivered to the Sunrise Market below his home when he's not home.

"It's a shame you have to take the loss because the gifts are for the kids around Christmas time."

District 3 Alderman Nik Kovak is encouraging anyone with a theft to report it to the police. 

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