Some Kenosha Unified School District students say dress code is "sexist"

NOW: Some Kenosha Unified School District students say dress code is “sexist“

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Students in the Kenosha Unified School District are speaking out against the dress code.

A group of girls claims the rules are sexist.

Leggings, yoga pants, and tank tops are a few of the items currently banned under KUSD's dress code unless they're covered up.

A group of seniors from Indian Trail High School say they're repeating what they've been saying for months.

"Females are disproportionately punished for violating KUSD dress code," said senior Alexa Grosz.

"A lot of curvier girls are targeted more than thinner girls. A lot of the times, I've noticed girls of color are targeted more than girls who are not," said senior Alicia Lorta. 

The current policy says leggings can be worn but students backsides need to be covered by items like skirts or dresses. Students are also not allowed to wear tank tops. Board member Gary Kunich was opposed to major changes.

"We've already heard reports where some parents are purposefully sending their students to school dressed in a provocative manner just to provoke something," Kunich said.  "This is for our young men and our young women across the board. If you look, we don't discriminate in that dress code policy right now."

Some students say the policy is inconsistently enforced and don't agree that a classroom would be disrupted by the presence of yoga pants.

"Now you're saying, you know, that bottom is being sexualized. Those women are being sexualized for the men, for the boys in our school. We're targeting our men as if to say they can't control themselves as if boys in our high school are uncontrollable," said senior Alicia Lorta.

Some board members did express an openness to the suggested changes. That discussion will continue with a document being sent to the superintendent. 

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