Soggy start to the Wisconsin State Fair

NOW: Soggy start to the Wisconsin State Fair

On the first day of the Wisconsin State Fair, many fairgoers came prepared with their ponchos and umbrellas.

It rained on and off for most of the day but that didn't stop them from having fun at the fair. 

"I have a fanny pack with a special rain hat in it a rain coat, nothing stops it," said Jim Marks, lives in Wind Lake. 

But for those who didn't come prepared, they ran and hid inside one of the many buildings on the fairgrounds. 

"If it looks like it's approaching, I head to a building that I get to spend some time in. The Exposition Center was available for a considerable amount of time and I avoided all the rain," said Marks. 

There are also many vendor pavilions people can take relief from the rain. If you plan on attending the state fair from August 3-13, umbrellas are allowed, just not at the Main Stage. 

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