Soggy September Stretch

NOW: Soggy September Stretch

We had a pretty good gully washer this morning with rain and storms. It really added up for some communities:  

As you can see from this list of rainfall totals, some towns picked up two + inches of rain. Milwaukee is inching closer to the one inch mark. A far cry from today's rainfall record:
 But this is just the beginning of a soggy stretch this week. Rain and at times storms will be with us tomorrow, Thursday and perhaps lingering into Friday morning.
 While we aren't in any bulls-eye for severe weather. All the heat and humidity pooling into the state will lead to heavy downpours as new storms fire along a nearby boundary. We could pick up another inch or so of rain these next two days.
 To date Milwaukee has received 1.18" of rain this September. We are already slightly above average so far, so additional rain could lead to some ponding on roads or a slight rise in area rivers, especially ones that are prone to flooding.

The CBS58 Ready Weather App is a great resource we provide, free of charge, that gives you all the tools you need to stay ahead of storms this week. In it you can find any watches or warnings for storms or flood related concerns. You can tailor the app right to your area so you get instant notifications when weather hits.

The good news is that by this weekend we look dry and pleasant with highs in the upper 70s and plenty of sun to go around.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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