Social media questions intentions of Waukesha Halloween display

NOW: Social media questions intentions of Waukesha Halloween display

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Just one week before Halloween, scary decorations are on display in front lawns all over.

But has one Waukesha county home gone too far? The question was posed on social the display racist or all in good fun?

CBS 58 asked the man that put up the decorations. He says the display is about the Packers "beating the other teams."

Mike Grass' front yard shows skeletons in Packers jerseys sitting on the porch.

Skeletons wearing jerseys from other NFL teams are hanging from a noose and strewn from a wire across the porch and front lawn. He says they've been adding skeletons and are trying to have one for every team the Packers play this season.

Grass says he thought of the idea after wanting to do something to celebrate the Packers' season and Halloween at the same time, and they went out and bought the skeletons, jerseys, and rope. 

He wants anyone driving by the display to know he's a Packers fan. Grass says he won't change it if anyone is offended, and does not plan on taking it down.

"I think in today's society everybody takes stuff the wrong way. It's easy to do. No, it wasn't meant ill will towards anybody it was just about Packers season," said Grass.

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