Social media campaign takes on infant mortality problem in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- The numbers are startling - 117 infants deaths in 2013 in Milwaukee. 60 percent due to prematurity.

A new social media campaign hopes to help change that.  Organizers want to connect with new parents and potential parents through social media.   It's put together through the United Way of Greater Milwaukee.  Mayor Tom Barrett praised the campaign saying it comes at a perfect time because other organizations like the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin are fighting for funding.

It's a new campaign designed to reach younger parents with a goal of helping keep babies alive. 

The push is for healthy birth outcomes no matter what zip code people live in - noting many of the infant deaths occur in African-American communities.  Organizers say too many babies are born too small and too soon. 

The campaign focuses on social media knowing people are on social media on their computers, phones, or tablets, it's a new way to connect or reach out..

Ultimately, they want to change whatever leads to poor or bad birth conditions.

\"If you have a young woman in your life who's expecting, spend time with her,\" Nicole Angresano from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee said.  \"Make sure she's getting to see her doctor, make sure she has the transportation and maybe child care for other kids. Just help being a support during that critical, critical time.\"

There will be 31 bus shelter ads throughout the city too. Those started to go up Monday morning across Milwaukee in specific zip codes.

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