Social App helps Milwaukee families track crime in their community

 As a parent, there's no substitute for being present and using your own eyes to keep your children safe. But you can't always be there and you can't always see every threat. Now, there's a relatively new social App called that's helping local families to fill in the gaps and stay vigilant.

AlertID is a web and mobile application that has an interactive map and provides alerts about what is happening in every neighborhood.

Amber Brody from Milwaukee subscribed to the service a few months ago and uses it on a daily basis.

\"You get a sense of security to where you know what's going on,\" said Brody.

Just a few weeks ago, Brody got an alert that help keep her 7-year-old daughter safe.

\"I looked at it and it said, \"subject wanted\"... two blocks from my home. My daughter was about to go outside... glad she didn't,\" said Brody.

AlertID was originally created to help protect lost and missing children. The founder, a California mother of three, created the application after losing her three kids in an amusement park for about an hour in 2009.

\"Just like America's Most Wanted\" started, because his child was abducted, this woman is doing the same thing but using an APP,\" Brody added.

The App also allows users to upload photos and contact information of loved ones so they can quickly send it to the authorities in case of an emergency.
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