Soccer Equipment Stolen from Kenosha County Recreation Program

"They were stolen from the kids," said Tina Caldwell, the Director of Development for the Western Kenosha County Recreation.

Over forty soccer balls and concession stand food were stolen from a storage shed at Silver Lake Park in Kenosha County between Tuesday and Wednesday.

The organization had a practice on Tuesday night. Coaches came back to the park on Wednesday to paint lines on the field, and they noticed the shed's latch had been tampered with. The Western Kenosha County Recreation just started this year. The soccer balls purchased just a few days before. 

"They were so new we had just purchased them a couple days before, and we hadn't even put the organizations name on them yet. They were that new. In fact when they discovered the theft they were going to write all of the names on the soccer balls," said Dustin Beth, Board Member and CEO of the Western Kenosha County Recreation.

Western Kenosha County Recreation said on Facebook:

"Today it was discovered that all of our soccer equipment was stolen from the shed on the soccer grounds between 7:30PM last night and 1:00PM this afternoon. We are currently working with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department in the investigation of this incident. If anyone has any information about this incident, please contact us immediately. We hope that someone does the right thing and returns them in the next couple days.
The unfortunate part of this incident is that it impacts more than just our staff- it affects parents, children, and our community. We are a not for profit group that exists to provide the most for our community, it is unfortunate that the individual or individuals responsible for this theft probably did not think about that.
Moving forward from this incident, we will continue to have games on Saturday and will have assigned team fields emailed to you tomorrow! WKCR, despite this setback, continues to move forward on behalf of the children, families, and friends of WKCR.

"If you have information relating to the theft of our soccer equipment contact Dustin at [email protected].

"For questions on registration and team information contact Katie [email protected] or Ashley [email protected].

"Thank You.

"WKCR Staff

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