Sobelman's on Marquette campus to close at end of semester

NOW: Sobelman’s on Marquette campus to close at end of semester

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Marquette University officials have confirmed that next semester Sobelman's will no longer be a part of the campus.

For over 10 years, Marquette students say Sobelman's has been a cornerstone of the campus, for some it's the first restaurant they ate out at and a regular hangout spot.

For some Marquette students, it's what finally convinced them.

"The very first time I came to campus, me and my family came out to Sobelman's," said Senior Riley Keating, "great environment in there, honestly it was one of the factors that sold me on the school, the owner came by selling it, like you gotta come here, it's amazing here, really it's a sad day here that it's going to be closing soon."

Other students started their college friendships there.

"My best friend who, we've been friends my entire Marquette career here, we had lunch there and that was a lot of fun. That kind of started our whole friendship," said Senior Kendra Stepnowski.

Many more students say it was a go-to hang out spot for a time.

"It's fun to go with friends when I've gone through in the past and they've good burgers and good appetizers and drinks," said senior Marie LaFrance.

Dave Sobelman, co-owner of the restaurant with his wife, says closing has been a tough decision for them, they say running and staffing 3 restaurants has gotten hard, especially after COVID-19.

"Maybe, we should consolidate, maybe we should give up the other locations," said Sobelman explaining their reasoning.

It's something students have seen as well.

"I've tried to go out sometimes and it's been closed on days that normally be open. So I know that they've been struggling with that recently," said Keating.

The Sobelmans say there's no bad blood between them and Marquette, they'll even be seeing this last class of Marquette grads off, and they want to thank everyone who ever came in.

"We will have been on campus for 12 years, and we will have seen 12 graduating classes," said Sobelman.

Dave says they hope to continue to serve people on their location on St. Paul Avenue.

"We're not leaving Milwaukee, we're just giving up that restaurant, we'll still be half a mile away," said Sobelman.

Students say with reality setting in, there are some regrets.

"Just not going as much as I probably should," said Stepnowski.

"I should have frequented there more often," lamented LaFrance.

Marquette University officials say there's currently no word on what might go into the building behind me once Sobelman's leaves.

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