Soaking rain and wind expected Wednesday and Thursday, flood watch issued

NOW: Soaking rain and wind expected Wednesday and Thursday, flood watch issued

April 2020 will be known for its temperature swings and for being a gloomy month with a lot of rainy days but not a lot of total rain. That is, until this week. Tuesday saw another round of showers and storms especially for southern communities where over 1" of rain fell.

In addition to the rain, we have also seen a good amount of fog. Visibility has been below a quarter mile at times Wednesday morning and expect patchy fog and low visibility to last through much of the day into Thursday. When you add on the helping of rain we got Monday man areas along and south of I-94 have already seen over an inch of rain. Northern counties haven't see as much with just over a quarter inch there.

Rain will be likely all day Wednesday under a gloomy sky. There may be a few dry breaks but they won't last long and it's hard to pinpoint when exactly they happen. Rain will likely linger at least through Thursday morning and possibility the afternoon. Western communities like Beaver Dam and Watertown will likely see the lower rain totals but still soaking with around a half inch there. The rest of southeast Wisconsin should expect a flooding 1-2" of rain through Thursday.

When you add the additional rain Wednesday, Thursday onto the rain picked up Monday and Tuesday it's no surprise that a flood watch has been issued for our southeast counties until midnight Wednesday night.

In addition to the rain and fog we will also be dealing with a lot of wind. Expect wind gusts to reach over 40 mph at times Wednesday and the strong wind will continue into Thursday. Unfortunately a couple raw days to be outside with the fog, wind and rain.

A couple days ago it was looking like April would end the month as one of the top 10 driest on records, but that's no longer the case. We are rapidly closing in on average and with another inch or so of rain Wednesday and Thursday we could even end the month above-average on rain.

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