Snow totals remain below average, more on the way!

Snow piles remain below average so far this season, but at least we have added more snow to the year with January wrapping up! In January, which on average is Milwaukee’s snowiest month, is at 11.2” for the first 29 days. The norm for the month though is 14.7”.

This is better than where we were at to start the month. Before the month, we only had 4.8” of snowfall, a departure of almost 14” from the normal readings. The departure does still sit at 10.6” below what a typical season would have through today.

If you are a snow lover, or are just worried about getting all of our seasonal snow, there’s some news you might like – snow is on the way late this week. A few of the computer models are indicating a dose of snow Friday night and Saturday coming in the form of a clipper. It’s still too far out to talk totals and timing, but February could start our snowy!

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