Snow impacting Monday morning commute

NOW: Snow impacting Monday morning commute

Updated: 5:47 a.m. on January 28, 2019

(CBS 58) -- Heavy snow across southeastern Wisconsin is impacting roads Monday morning.

CBS 58 crews in Milwaukee, Cedarburg and Kenosha County say many of the roads remain snow covered.

If possible, you are advised to stay inside. 

Many communities have declared snow emergencies and dozens of schools across the area are closed.

Stay with CBS 58 on-air and online for the latest updates.


Posted: 2:49 a.m. on January 28, 2019

Another snowfall during the morning hours is no doubt not helping the morning commute.  Be sure to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time.  Remember these helpful tips as you head out this morning.

Winter Driving Tips:

Leave plenty of distance between yourself and the car in front on you.

Be sure to keep both hands on the wheel. 

Use caution when driving over bridges and overpasses.  They usually freeze first.

Check your tires, the tread as well as the tire pressure

Make sure that all your fluids are topped off in your vehicle.

Use “Threshold Braking.”  Keep the heel of your foot on the floor and apply firm and steady pressure with the ball of your foot.  This applys for both regular and antilock brakes and is the best way to stop when conditions are slick.

Don’t accelarate out of a stop too quickly, your tires wont be able to get proper traction and you will spinout. 

Plan your routes out ahead of time.  Have alternates ready to go in case there are any closures along your normal commute path.

If you are in an accident, STAY IN YOUR CAR.  If your car is in driving condition try your best to get it out of traffic and alert the proper authorities.

Above all else, take your time.  Everyone is in the same boat as you are out on the roadways.  You will get to your destination eventually.

If you follow these tips you should be all set to hit the roads.  Safe travels everyone!

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