Snow season ends just barely below-average

Unless we get a crazy May snowstorm, which has happened before, our snow for winter 2017-2018 is over! Congratulations, you made it! April was well above-average on snow and when you crunch the numbers it was actually the 6th snowiest on record in Milwaukee with 10" falling. 

This winter's total snowfall comes in at 46.7" which is almost 10" above where we ended last year. 

It was our snowiest winter since 2013-2014 which saw 63.4" of snow.

You really can't get much closer to average than what we did this season. The average snowfall for winter is 46.9" so Milwaukee was only two tenths of an inch below the average mark. 

Only 200 days away from our first average measureable snowfall and only 161 days away from the earliest measureable snow on record...

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