Snow Friday into Saturday

The fall season is finally starting to give us some temperature swings across the area.  By the weekend highs will only be in the 30s!  Of course as the cold air spills in, we have our first chance for measurable snow across southeastern Wisconsin.  It's important to note that we average 2.4" of snow for the month of November, and we might get it with this next event.

The GFS and EURO have been consistently hinting at bringing light to moderate snow Friday evening into Saturday morning.  The GFS is faster and showing snow that could arrive for the Friday evening commute.  The NAM model is just starting to sample this system 84 hours out, and is the slowest solution of the two.  The NAM also brings the precipitation even further north compared to the GFS and EURO.

Southeastern Wisconsin remains in the entrance region of a jet streak aloft, which is very favorable for upward motion.  There will be ample lift and moisture within a freezing atmospheric column, so it appears this will be a snow event.

Right now 1" to 3" of snow is a good forecast across our viewing area.  It appears the greatest accumulation will be close to the IL/WI border.  Hopefully over the next 24 hours we will have a better handle on timing and amounts.  

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