Snapchat's New Location-Sharing Feature Worries Some

NOW: Snapchat’s New Location-Sharing Feature Worries Some

A new feature on Snapchat has some parents worried for their kids safety.

The new "Snap Map" makes users' exact locations visible to any of their friends. The feature can be turned on or off, and it can be a useful function to connect with friends in real life. 

We spoke with a local social media expert, who says as long as the Snap Map is understood and used properly, it can be a valuable tool.

"These tools are just that, they're tools like any other tool," said Michelle D'Attilio, the CEO of social media company Sosh. "You wouldn't give your kid a clothing iron that's hot without teaching them how to use it."

Snapchat users can go into "Ghost mode" so no one can track their location.

"We need to teach parents that they need to keep up on the latest trends, so they can teach their kids," D'Attilio said. 

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