SLIDESHOW: CBS 58 Weather Draws Crowds at Severe Weather Day with MPM

CBS 58 Chief Meteorologist Drew Burgoyne and the CBS 58 Weather Team held a Severe Weather Day at the Milwaukee Public Museum on Saturday. Those in attendance were able to talk with and ask questions to meteorologists from CBS 58 and the National Weather Service.

CBS 58 Weather Sponsor AcuRite was there to show off weather observation systems, the Milwaukee Public Museum showed kids all the components of a thunderstorm and CBS 58 Storm Spotters allowed to public to tour their storm chasing trucks.

The day ended with a talk by CBS 58 Chief Meteorologist Drew Burgoyne and others about severe weather and tornado safety including a behind-the-scenes video of how a severe weather event goes from watch to warning to on-air and an extended look at the proper way to storm chase.

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