Slide City coming to Racine

 It looks like the gigantic slip and slide would be set up right down here on Hoeffert drive. There's a little bit of a hold up as the Department of Health is currently working on some health and safety guidelines for the event but residents here can already envision  it. 

\"I'm really excited about the water slide coming here. Should be a lot of fun,\" said one resident. 

\"It's a great, exciting event and I plan on taking my kids to it,\" said another. 

It's never been done in Wisconsin before but if the group Real Racine has its way on Saturday August 8th this is what  Hoeffert Drive will look like. 

\"We have a great beach and lakefront area and its hilly. So you start at a high point and utilize the hill to go down,\" said Racine County Executive Jon Delagrave. 

The water slide will start  at the corner of English Street and Hoeffert Drive and end just past the North Beach Oasis.

Since its not been done before county executive Jon Delagrave says the health dept had some concerns 

\"What are cleaning the slide with ? How will they keep it clean throughout the day because lots of people using it,\" he said. 

Issues that are now being worked out, and Real Racine says an experimental event permit has been approved by the Wisconsin Public Health Department so the slide is almost a go. 

 \"We're now in approval stages with the city. Not there yet but we're close,\" said Delagrave. 

Racine hopes its small town feel will attract participants from bigger cities. 

\"We have small town atmosphere and a friendly community. Parking in our community much easier than in big cities. We have a lot of similar things w our problems like traffic parking and all that.\" said Jim Ladwig with RAMAC. 

And it's got local business owners like Doug Nicholson excited. 

\"Uptick in business, our servers make more money, sell more food, cocktails and we just see people enjoying life,\" said Nicholson.  
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