"Slenderman" stabbing victim continues to make progress in recovery

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A young girl stabbed multiple times by two 12-year-old girls seeking to impress an online boogeyman continues to heal from her wounds. 

Steve Lyons, spokesperson for the victim's family, says the girl is battling both physical and emotional wounds, and has to see a specialist four to five times a week.

The victim was stabbed 19 times and left for dead in a wooded area in Waukesha on May 31.

Medical bills and care costs continue to mount, but the outpouring of support from classmates, friends, and strangers keep anxiety about the situation at ease. Donors have given more than $50,000 towards her treatment. 

\"The support of the community, both from Waukesha, Wisconsin and around the world has greatly helped this family,\" Lyons said. 

There are no easy days in recovery, but Lyons says the victim's strength keeps her going.

\"This is a little girl with a very brave heart, very good disposition, and she knows there are lots of people and lots of good in this world,\" he said. \"It's a long road to recovery, but we like to think every day is better than the last.\"

Through a written statement, the family said: 

\"Our family fully supports the District Attorney’s Office in their prosecution of this case. However, our daughter and our entire family continue to focus on both her physical and emotional healing. She continues to amaze us in her ability to persevere and move forward – taking one day at a time. Much of our strength comes from knowing that there is so much “good” coming from so many people, and we continue to witness this firsthand from the compassion given to our little girl from around the world.\"

The family encourages supporters interested in following the girl's recovery to visit the Hearts for Healing Facebook page and Go Fund Me page


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