Slender Man stabbing trial on hold for now because of appeal

The two girls in the Slender Man stabbing case were supposed  to go to trial in mid-October.  That's on hold now after Monday's hearing. 

Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren put the girls trial on hold for now. He removed it from the court calendar since both defense attorneys are asking the Court of Appeals to reverse Judge Bohren's decision about where the girls will be tried.  The defense attorney keep fighting for juvenile court even after Judge Bohren's ruling in August kept the case in adult court. 

Both sides were going to bring motions forward Monday relating to specific parts of the case. But nearly all of those are on hold now because of the appeal.  

The defense attorneys indicated the State Attorney General's office told them the case should be reviewed by the Court of Appeals.  It's unclear when they will review it or if the Court of Appeals will even consider it.

Both defense attorneys say it's important to put this case in juvenile court. 

"It's an area we've been litigating since the first time this case came into our court," Anissa Weier's Attorney, Maura McMahon said. "We'll continue to fight because of the age of these children."

Morgan Geyser's Defense Attorney, Anthony Cotton, said it's a crucial part of Geyser's defense.

"It would make a world of difference," Cotton said.  "Certainly the whole system is different in children's court versus adult court. Because we lost here at trial court level this is our chance to get the court of appeals to weigh in."

Weier and Geyser were both in court together Monday.  They have another appearance scheduled for next Wednesday, September 30 at 11 am, they will likely appear via video instead of in person.

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