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Sleepover for Education gathers school supplies and money for MPS students

The Peace for Change Alliance is celebrating a successful Sleepover for Education.

They camped out over the weekend in Milwaukee's Bronzeville neighborhood as part of a week long festival celebrating this neighborhood's history and future.

This is just the second year and they surpassed the amount of supplies they collected last year, plus an additional $500 to buy even more supplies for MPS students.

"First and foremost I really think this is helping out the community and fostering engagement," said Quinlan Bishop of the Peace For Change Alliance. "Letting the community know that we're all here for each other and it takes us to help each other out to get to a certain goal."

District Attorney John Chisholm also spent part of Friday evening with the "campers" and met with members of the community who stopped by to help.

"These are committed individuals," noted Chisholm."They're going to be here the entire night. They've already collected some great supplies and the goal is real simple and that's let's get the kids off to a great start."

The group will also be working with Chisholm and other leaders on a The New Restorative Justice Program.

They hope to launch it by January of 2018.

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