Skipping immunizations could mean court, fines

You could end up in court for breaking the law if you aren't in compliance with vaccinations. It's happened in both Milwaukee and Kenosha counties.

In Wisconsin, all students must be up to date with vaccinations at the beginning of the school year. If they are not, parents receive a letter warning them to get shots. The school will follow up twice more with parents. If parents ignore those letters children can be suspended from school, and the case will then be referred to the juvenile intake office.

The courts give parents two more chances to get kids up to date before they start fining $25 a day for non-compliance.

Kenosha Assistant District Attorney Kelly Birschbach says it rarely gets to that point...but some parents do take things to the brink.

\"I think people don't have the forms maybe, or they don't take it seriously, they don't think we will come after them, that would be purely speculation, we have no idea why some people just don't do it.\"

Parents can still get religious exemptions, but they have to sign an official paper stating they are in compliance.

If you have fallen behind, the Southside Health Center at 1639 S. 23rd Street in Milwaukee will be open Saturday, February 7th for free immunizations, including measles from 10 am until 2pm.

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