Ski Resorts Gearing up for Another Season

Those snow flurries flying around might be causing a bit of angst for some of us. But local ski resorts are happy.

The cold has even allowed many of them to make snow early, like Little Switzerland in Slinger. In fact, two of its 18 runs will be open for business this weekend.

Creating snow can be quite an intricate process by pumping \"high pressured\" water (from on-site ponds) into the air. It crystallizes and becomes snow. The weather conditions have to be just right too.  I'm told snow can be made at 28 degrees or less.  The colder and drier the better.

Mike Schmitz with Little Swiss says people visiting his resort last winter went up 40% because of the extensive cold. Sunburst in Kewaskum, by the way, will open Friday at 4pm.

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