'He was mostly skeletonized:' ME identifies corpse in north side abandoned building with photographs

NOW: ’He was mostly skeletonized:’ ME identifies corpse in north side abandoned building with photographs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office identified the skeletal remains found in an upstairs room of an abandoned former church on 2nd and Burleigh.

The corpse was identified as 32-year-old Michael Christopher Day. A YouTuber discovered the body in August and police were alerted.

Authorities used pictures of rings found on the body to help identify Day. They also used descriptions of the 32-year-old's tattoos to help.

"Initially when he came in, he was mostly skeletonized," said Anne-Marie Eschle, lead forensic investigator for the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office.

According to Eschle, they hit a wall up until she suggested they take photographs of the fingerprint surfaces.

"I know that we've used photography in the past to visualize prints that we couldn't roll, like with ink or powder, so I thought to use photographs of them," said Eschle.

Eschle said she was able to photograph the index finger and thumb of Day. The first set of photos did not return a hit, but when MPD got involved and were able to use their cameras, they were able to identify the body.

"Once we got the identification I was jumping around the office and calling my boss and I was just thrilled," said Eschle.

The cause of death still remains undetermined, but according to the medical examiner's report, no weapons or signs of drugs or trauma were found on the scene.

The family described him as a nice person who made others laugh.

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