Six people fall victim to dog attacks in Racine

RACINE-- Six people fell victim to dog attacks in Racine within two days, including Jessica Rooney's 5-year old daughter.

\"Honestly, I didn't think it would do anything, it didn't growl at her, it didn't bark at her,\" said Rooney, recalling the attack.

Rooney says her neighbor had her dog out of its kennel when they stopped by her home on the 1500-block of May St.

\"Usually she has her dogs put in cages,\" said Rooney, \"and I noticed that the one was out and I had asked if it was okay, and the dog wasn't going to do anything.\"

Rooney says the pit bull bit her daughter in the face.  The girl suffered some deep cuts that required stitches, but is recovering well.

\"I thank God that our daughter is still walking, talking, everything's fine with her,\" said Rooney, \"because it could have been a lot worse.\"

Rooney's daughter is just one of several attacked by dogs in Racine over the weekend.

Dwayne Lindsey still remembers calling for help after seeing a young boy walk down Carlisle Ave. covered in blood.

\"I heard him crying,\" said Lindsey, \"so I ran out and I grabbed the little boy and I asked what was wrong.\"

Lindsey says he saw serious laceration to the left side of the 7-year old boy's face and teeth marks on his head.  Racine Police say the boy and a friend who was also attacked, were sent to Children's Hospital.  A good samaritan who tried to get the dog away from the children-- was also hurt during Saturday's attack.

Police say another two girls were also attacked on Quincy Ave. on Saturday.

The owners of each dog will need to pay fines, but victims say they're urging anyone with large dogs to please keep better watch on their animals.

\"All dogs can bite, all dogs can hurt you, it's just how you control the animal,\" said Rooney.

No word on what will happen to the dogs who attacked the six people.

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