Sikh community remembers shooting victims with 6K

It happened almost two years ago, but the memory of the six people killed in the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek remains strong. Saturday, those victims were honored by the people who knew them best. It's part  of a tribute that's stretching over several days.

Nearly 400 people spent the morning remembering the victims by running or walking in a 6K race. Besides the race, members of the Sikh Temple also gave away six scholarships, each for one-thousand dollars to high schools students.

The Sikh Temple observance continues Sunday  with  tributes to the victims from temple guests.

On Tuesday, the actual anniversary of the shootings, there's a remembrance ceremony  at 8p.m.

On Wednesday, there's a congressional honors ceremony for retired Oak Creek Police Lieutenant Brian Murphy, who was seriously wounded trying to save lives at the temple and officer Sam Lenda, who also responded to the shooting scene. That's at the Oak Creek community Center.

CBS 58'S Lila Carrera reports.


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