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Shotspotter technology expanding in Milwaukee

It's technology MPD has used for a few years. Because of its success, it's expanding to other parts of the city.

Shotspotter will cover an additional 8 square miles of Milwaukee. Bringing the total to 11 square miles focused on the central parts of the city on the north and south side.

The technology uses sensors to detect gunfire and immediately alerts officers of the location. New sensors will be installed in parks across the city. Some new areas include Sherman Park and Atkinson Park on the north side. There's many other parks included. Alderman Joe Davis applauded the technology.

Davis says it makes places safer because officers arrive faster. MPD says they simply based it on where officers encounter the most gunfire.

\"Data that was evaluated on violent crime involving guns, gun fire, assaults, homicides,\" MPD Inspector Mary Hoerig said. \"Looking at that data laying it over the city and determining where the most need was to detect gunfire as a preventative measure.\"

They also said they're in the process of buying body cameras. However, there are still issues with training, privacy, and high intensity situations dealing with children. They working to find best practices. They sent an RFP to purchasing in May but are still waiting on next steps.

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