Shooting Victim's Mother Says Lillie Jones Deserves Tougher Charges

It's been a little more than a week since a woman was shot in the head outside a local nightclub. Lillie Jones was arrested last Wednesday in the shooting, and made an appearance in court Monday.

The victim of the shooting has since woken up, and the victim's mother says Lillie Jones is getting off easy.

"When she talks, it's just pain. I can't bear it," said Kimberly Hughes. 

Hughes daughter Fantajah was shot in the head outside Onyx Nightclub in the early morning of October 16. She woke up at Froedtert hospital a few days ago, and recalled what happened.

"She can tell you from the beginning to the end what happened to her. She says she'll never forget it," said Hughes.

The family says the woman arrested in the shooting, Lillie Jones, isn't facing tough enough charges.

"All this anger. They have to hear our side. They have to hear Fantajah. They need to know that she tried to kill my daughter point blank. Period," said Hughes.

Jones is charged with First Degree Reckless Injury, Use of a Dangerous Weapon. The family says the charge should be attempted murder.

"She tried to murder my daughter. She said that out of her mouth, 'I'm going to kill you,' and that's what she tried to do," said Hughes.

Police took the statement of Fantasia's friend who was right next to her when she was shot. The friend says Lillie Jones shot the gun. With Fantasia awake, now two witnesses say Lillie Jones fired the shot.

Jones maintains her innocence and says she only broke a car window, but never shot Fantajah. 

Hughes worries Jones is being treated differently because of her job. She is a correctional officer in Fond Du Lac. 

"It kills me that she's still walking around the street," said Hughes.

It is a long road to recovery for Fantajah, who is mostly paralyzed on her left side. She is fighting to get well soon to be with her daughter.

The family is worried what Fantajah's condition means for her one-year-old. Hughes says Fantajah was looking forward to trick or treating with her daughter. Now, she hopes Fantajah will be able to celebrate her little girl's birthday in December.

Hughes says her daughter was an innocent victim, and Jones needs to be held responsible. 

"She needs to pay for her actions what she did to my daughter. My daughter can't even move her left side for no reason. For nothing."

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