Shocking video of husband hitting wife with van in Mequon parking lot

Video just released of that deadly Mequon van crash a the Sendik's parking lot.

Police say an elderly man lost control of his van, killing his wife in the crash.

CBS 58 News also obtained the 911 calls that flooded dispatch that tragic day.

Because the video is graphic, we are not showing it all.

The video does support initial reports that Henry Winter, 87, suffered some sort of medical emergency.

The car suddenly jams into reverse, smashing into five parked cars before moving forward and striking Lorraine Winter. She was 85 years old.

\"A van was out of control,\" said one called. \"A woman was hit in the parking lot, she's not moving!\"

Only later would we become aware of that this involved husband and wife.

\"There are two people with her right now,\" reported another caller. \"There are people with the man in the van right now.\"

Mequon Police tell CBS 58's John Cuoco that this is still an open investigation.

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