Sherman Park residents create traffic circle to prevent reckless driving

NOW: Sherman Park residents create traffic circle to prevent reckless driving

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Residents in Sherman Park say they're at their wits end. Parents are worried about their kids playing outside. Now neighbors have taken matters into their own hands at a busy intersection.

CBS 58 spoke with Jordan Morales, a three-year resident in Sherman Park. He says he's fed up with seeing reckless driving at this intersection.

"The traffic has been absolutely insane. Cars are hitting up to 50 miles per hour here on Hadley Street," said Morales.

Another neighbor and parent, Zach Pietrini, says he doesn't even feel comfortable having his kids play in the front yard.

"This one was born and we were in the hospital. Someone called me asking about a silver car that was totaled basically, outside of your house. So apparently, someone just crashed a car and took off. With it happening so fast, a lot of times we're nervous to let them out and play by themselves," explained Pietrini.

Residents say they've taken the proper steps in asking for change but have gotten no results.

"In the last year, we've gotten a petition signed, we're trying to get a couple speed bumps put here, but for whatever reason it seems like a Herculean task," said Pietrini.

"I've been talking with Alderman Stamper, he's been really responsive with me. There's a level of bureaucracy that goes into getting things like this done with the city," said Morales.

Both Pietrini and Morales say this is simply a temporary solution for a long-term problem they both hope to fix for their kids.

"Being able to tame this street would make this a neighborhood where kids can feel safe to play in," said Morales.

"You're carrying groceries, you're carrying children. We don't want to deal with this every day. We want to be here, we like this neighborhood," said Pietrini.

Morales says he's taken all of the proper steps in order to request a traffic circle at Grant and Hadley. He hopes the city will take action and install a proper traffic circle to prevent future crashes.

CBS 58 asked Alderman Stamper about the temporary traffic circles. He said, "I'm fine with it and appreciate their proactive approach until the real one comes. We have roundabouts/traffic circles on their way."

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