Sheriff's Office searching for at least 6 suspects after multiple vehicle thefts from Manheim Auto Auction

NOW: Sheriff’s Office searching for at least 6 suspects after multiple vehicle thefts from Manheim Auto Auction

Six cars were stolen early Sunday morning from Manheim Auto Auction in Caledonia. Police have recovered some of the vehicles and say they are closing in on the suspects.

The Sheriff's Department already has a 15-year-old in custody and say he's being very cooperative. They hope to arrest at least 6 other individuals soon.

This is the second theft from Manheim Auto Auction in a couple of months. Four vehicles were stolen on March 1st. In the area, this is the 8th major dealership heist in a year.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling says that it's a major problem. "They're busting through fences, there's a disregard for human life."

Most dealerships have already beefed up security as much as they can.

"I have also increased our patrol presence in the area of Interstate 94 to be more proactive when we get those alarms," Sheriff Schmaling said.

The sheriff says everyone from Chicago to Milwaukee is affected by this.

"People say it's just a stolen vehicle, I disagree. Going down our interstate system at 100 mph, drive-by shootings, armed robberies, there are so many families out there going to and from work," Sheriff Schmaling said.

He suggests that the solution might have to start with the parents.

"At 3 in the morning, start asking questions. Where are they going? If they're at a friends house, verify that because they're out here stealing vehicles."

The Sheriff is also giving a final warning to the thieves.

"I'm asking for the individuals involved, at least 6 that are involved need to turn themselves in. It's going to be a matter of time before we come knocking."

The sheriff says the community can help tackle this problem. Any information helps. "Even if you don't feel it's relevant," said Schmaling.

If you know anything about this, the Sheriff's Office asks you to call 262- 636-3232 and ask for Investigator James Evans.  

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