Sheriff Promises to Fight Potential Sex Offender Placement

NOW: Sheriff Promises to Fight Potential Sex Offender Placement
Kenosha County -

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth is promising to help a family prevent two sex offenders from moving in next door.

At a Friday afternoon press conference, Beth said, “Like in the past, we’re going to fight placement of two sexual offenders here in Kenosha County.”

The previous incident was the state attempting to place offender Michael McGee in the Town of Wheatland.

A court put a hold on McGee moving into that house, it was a win for Beth.

This week, Beth said he learned the state's Department of Health Services is considering putting two violent offenders into the same vacant house.

Beth ripped officials for considering the same home, he said, “DHS has not come back and said ‘we’re willing to help’, instead they stuck their head in the sand and they’re not willing to do anything except ‘we’re going to stuff these people down your throats, we’re going to put them where we want to put them.'" 

At Friday's press conference, Beth said the home state officials are trying to use as a place for released sex offenders is within 1500 feet of a public park.

Beth said under state law, the home should be ineligible for any sex offender placement.

The state's Department of Health Services has not provided comment on this story, and has not confirmed it is considering new offender placement at the Kenosha County home.

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