Sheriff Clarke Expands on Tweet about Pitchforks and Torches

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke will be at Trump's side tonight.

The sheriff announced his support for Trump on CBS 58 News at four months ago and on Sunday Sheriff Clarke defended Trump on twitter.

Clarke then expanded on that with a blog post on Monday.

That tweet had more than 4,000 re-tweets and 6,000 likes.

People are taking issue specifically with the phrase- "pitchforks and torches."

Some are claiming it incites violence.

Sheriff Clarke is explaining it in a blog post just released this morning.

The post on is titled "Dear media, only liberals can call for a political revolution?"

In the post, Sheriff Clarke said there is a collusion between what he calls big media and branches of our government. 

He said journalists look the other way on issues like Hillary Clinton's emails.

He said the media is trying to distract the American people from what he calls "Clinton corruption" with his latest tweets.

He said the media ignored Bernie Sanders when he called for a revolution and didn't make it a big deal when President Obama said "if they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun" during a fundraising event in 2008.

Sheriff Clarke said he will not walk back on the language he used.

He said it was not meant to incite violence.

Rather to defend the constitution and push back against corruption.

CBS 58 reached out to his office for comment and he declined an on-camera interview saying the blog speaks for itself. 

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