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Sheboygan company hoping to be awarded contract for Foxconn project

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) – Leaders at VPI Corporation in Sheboygan say they’re excited about the possibility of supplying some or all of the flooring at the new Foxconn plant.

VPI Corporation specializes in static control, ESD and commercial flooring. On Thursday, Governor Scott Walker toured the plant and spoke about how Foxconn is helping businesses across the state.

According to Walker, VPI has been meeting with Foxconn about the project. Recently, the company increased its workforce in anticipation for the possible job.

“They’ve upped their workface knowing that to be able to meet the demand because it’ll be such a sizable increase they’re bringing in people now to train in hopes that during the next year they can meet, whether it’s the entire order or a portion of that,” Walker said.

There’s no word on exactly when Foxconn will make a decision on the flooring project.

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