Sheboygan bars and hotels are prepped and ready for influx of Ryder Cup fans

NOW: Sheboygan bars and hotels are prepped and ready for influx of Ryder Cup fans

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58)-- Thousands of golf fans from across the country and around the world are descending on the Sheboygan-Kohler area on the eve of the first day of practice. Businesses throughout the area have been gearing up for the onrush for months.

Angler's Avenue Pub and Grill is usually closed Monday and Tuesday, but with big crowds expected all week long, the owners have extra staff and supplies ready as the eyes of the golf world focus on Wisconsin.

Co-owner Paul Roberts says, "I've ramped up all my supplies. My liquor, my beer. I'm ready for everybody."

Lisa Roberts says Ryder Cup week should be business as usual, but on a super scale. They ordered 50% more supplies to start the week, and another delivery is coming Friday. The expected influx of people is compounding labor shortages. Lisa says, "Our staff has been working doubles all summer. Both kitchen and servers."

And Lisa fears there may not be enough restaurants to meet demand. "With the Ryder Cup on top, many restaurants are totally booked already."

So are the hotels. Cory Even is the owner of North Shore Property Management. He says, "It's the Ryder Cup, so all bets are off. We don't know what to expect."

This time of year is usually a low period for the company when families return to school after summer break, but this week the 30 condos are 100% booked.

Most guests are arriving Tuesday, and staff are finishing off the final touches. Regional Property Manager Cathy Cooper says, "They want it cleaned, the fridge is stocked. There's all this extra customer service that we want to make this world-class."

Cooper has booked reservations not just from across the United States, but from throughout Europe, including Great Britain and Ireland.

Even hopes they take a little bit of his hometown with them when they leave for theirs. "It doesn't get any better than this. And we have world-class beaches. So we want people to not only come here this week, but come back."

One man who rents out rooms on Airbnb boasted he just rented out his last available room. This Tuesday a French journalist will move into his sailboat to stay for the week.

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