"She didn't have to die:" Father of Jamie Wilson wants Ramone Jones captured

NOW: “She didn’t have to die:“ Father of Jamie Wilson wants Ramone Jones captured

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "He gave this guy a license to kill my daughter. I look at the court system. You were the reason my daughter died. She didn't have to die."

James Wilson is upset with the Milwaukee County justice system after laying his daughter to rest over the weekend. He says his daughter's death could have been prevented if her abusive ex-boyfriend was kept in jail.

Ramone Jones now faces a life sentence for killing 36-year-old Jamie Wilson plus almost 35 additional years for his actions towards Jamie's daughter and friend the day of the stabbing.

Jones is still on the run. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Jamie's father remembers his daughter as a caring person who loved her family. She was especially close with her sister, Falon.

"We do holidays together. We always are a very close-knit family," said James Wilson, Jamie's father. Jamie leaves behind an 18-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter.

Jamie Wilson's dad says less than a week after police arrested Ramone Jones for shooting a gun into the floor, pointing it at Jamie and her daughter, and threatening to kill her -- he was let out of jail.

"I told him this guy was dangerous, within 72 hours of going to the district attorney, my daughter was dead," said Wilson.

Wilson says he spoke with the police and the district attorney's office, and told him they couldn't help because there was no paperwork on the incident.

Jamie was so scared of Ramone Jones, she had to circle the block multiple times looking for his car before feeling safe enough to go into her home. She stayed in a motel the night before she was going to appear in court for the January 30th incident. On February 5th, she still wasn't safe. She went home to shower after leaving the motel. Her dad says Jones was hiding in the basement.

"The way he butchered my daughter... it wasn't one or two stabs. He butchered my daughter like an animal. The things he's done, no one should have to go through," said Wilson.

Jamie was stabbed six times. Ramone broke down the bathroom door to get to her, and he pointed a gun at her daughter and roommate, and he shot another friend in the back.

"Now I don't have a daughter. I lost my daughter because of negligence from Milwaukee County. They didn't do their job.

Jones has over 100 criminal records dating back to at least 1995. Jamie's dad says he should have never been released from jail, or his daughter should have been offered more protection or resources.

"I will never have my daughter back."

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