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"She did hit them a lot": Viral video shows apparent abuse of dog at groomer

NOW: “She did hit them a lot“: Viral video shows apparent abuse of dog at groomer


FOND DU LAC (CBS 58) - A Fond du Lac dog grooming business is under investigation after video surfaces of an employee abusing a dog.

Tails a Waggin’ Dog Grooming and Salon is closed after the two videos went viral.

They appear to show groomer Chris Lapine yelling at and hitting a dog.

The dogs can be heard whimpering in the background.

The woman in the video says “No biting!” and “You don’t like it? Too bad.”

Former employee Desirae Pett says this type of behavior happened a lot.

“She did hit them a lot,” said Pett, “she would just wail on them, hit them, punch them, whatever.”

“There is one thing that she said when I first started and that is, what the client doesn’t know won’t hurt them,” added Pett.

The shop was closed when we went there Wednesday, but three large signs reading “We Beat Dogs” were put in the front yard of the business.

While we were there, a man who identified himself as Lapine’s husband said this all started from a disgruntled employee who was out to destroy Lapine.

“I was shocked,” said Breck Rooney.

He has been taking his dog to Tail a Waggin’ for 5 years, but says he’s already searching for a new place and won’t be back.

“Obviously what we all saw was breathtaking,” said Scott Johnson, owner of Affordable Family Pet Grooming in Fond du Lac.

He is a colleague of Lapine, and calls the video out of character for her.

But he says what happened is unacceptable.

“Obviously she shouldn’t have done what she did, period,” said Johnson, ”it’s no different than seeing someone hurting one of our kids, it’s just shocking.”

He has decades of experience working with good dogs and bad, and says there are better ways to handle a problem pooch.

“When one of us are getting push, we just switch, say Angel or Casey or Jasmine,” Johnson said referring to his employees, “please come over here I’m having a hard time, and that way it takes the pressure down.”

We did reach out to Lapine but did not hear back.  Her husband didn’t want to talk on camera, but says he’s already called a lawyer.

As for the video, the Fond du Lac Police Department says they are investigating.

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KristineSmith 333 days ago
Employee out to get her......Whatever. Video is video it doesn’t matter at this point. Thank god for disgruntled employees at this point.
NettieMarie 334 days ago
Of course the employee is out to get her, she's abusing dogs, the stupid ass
IsabellaLena 334 days ago
This was a TERRIBLE news report!! Always the same, surface CRAP, head line NEWS!! HARD TO WATCH, SO DOES EVERYONE HAVE EXRAY VISION? This is definitely VERY strange!? I’m sorry that I just don’t jump to conclusions like every other person in the world. I CAN’T SEE A THING IN THIS VIDEO! I don’t know the background of Teri Wiskow or Desirae Pett? How long did they work there? If they worked there a long time, why did they wait so long to get this taken care of? Did it just start happening the last few months? I have my doubts on the motivation of these girls? Is this REALLY the best picture they could take? If they felt there was something going on with her then why do it this way? A video that we can’t see? What I’m HEARING is not good, I agree, but it could be all talk; anyone can get frustrated with a bad dog? She could have been adjusting the dog if the dog is squirming. Whining DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN HURTING and EVERY dog owner DOES know that. NOBODY CAN TELL IF SHE'S ACTUALLY HITTING THE DOG! I’ve had 5 dogs in my life; 3 were excellent at bathing and brushing and I did it myself, they loved it. 1 was a big baby but he’d get so dirty playing that he had to get a bath and YES it was very frustrating, but I could handle it! The last dog was impossible, not because she was mean, just cause she was snippy and wiggly, fighting to the bitter end! I had to take her to a groomer to get her groomed, the 1st 2 groomers said don’t bring her back; the 3rd groomer said she was a nightmare and she had to be very strict, but she could come back and I DID NOT CARE ABOUT STRICT, I just COULD NOT HANDLE HER AND IT HAD TO GET DONE!! You all do get that this job CAN BE DIFFICULT!! NOT ALWAYS A BED OF ROSES! The other groomer, Leila, I know was there for at least 5 years or more? So what is that all about? She watched, what they’re all insinuating was torture, and she's not even in this complaint? I’m not EVER going to consider a person guilty and ostracized for the rest of their life for a TERRIBLY ANNOYING VIDEO and the word of employees who do not give their background. And, in every case, I consider it worse if they did work there a day or years and didn’t feel anything was wrong during all that time until now? If they knew the owners of the dog in the video, why didn’t they talk to her/him? Why didn’t they go that extra mile? This WHOLE THING SEEMS A BIT FISHY TO ME!! I will be watching this situation carefully. I feel there MIGHT be a huge injustice, and I’m pretty sick and tired of everyone jumping on the bandwagon without better knowledge and background of the situation! This whole country is becoming vigilantes in the 21st century. This woman has been practicing this as a career fo 15- 20 years. She goes to grooming shows, She enters grooming competitions... We’ll just see!!!
NettieMarie IsabellaLena 334 days ago
I could hear her hitting the dog
DoriButterick 335 days ago
this is animal abuse she needs to be arrested anyone that has an animal there sue this place needs to be shut down,this kind of person has issues animals are in there care to be safe not abused,she needs to lose her license and go on an abuse registry .All my life i fought against animal abuse and the laws.
HeidiSonnenberg 335 days ago
I think it’s absurd that people are saying that the employee that brought this to light is claiming that she has some kind of motive. She didn’t make the owner hit the dog, she did that all by herself. I don’t really care what the motive is as long as this abuse has been stopped!
KateHutson 338 days ago
There are 3 things that OUTRAGE me most and that is the blatant abuse of children the elderly and animals. There is NO excuse or reason that justifies slapping hitting or punching any of them! Not a bad day ,not I’m fed up ,not any reason ever. It makes me sick to think she has been in business abusing animals for that long. Maybe someone should tether her and slap her around till she whines and cries?
Muleshadow1 339 days ago
A couple things bother me about this case. # 1 She had been in business for twenty years and there hasn't been any complaints from the police Dept against this groomer, now one grainy video and she is a monster. #2 Leila was her partner, for how many years, and never stepped in to help protect these so called abused animals? #3 How come the owner of the so called abused dog didn't file any charges? Shouldn't they have been the first ones notified of a problem?
#4 sounds like some kind if revenge to me, there has got to be more to this story?? Can you imagine the stress the owner must have been under if you realize there are three people out there to ruin you? The power of Facebook amazes me, the punishment is by far worse than any judicial system.
alison_724 Muleshadow1 339 days ago
Lol Muleshadow1 you sound like you may be the owner trying to cover for yourself.... whoever you are, there’s absolutely no excuse to treat animals that way. Especially the ones who are tied up! You can just see from that short video how terrified they are. That poor dog walking around is cowering and has his tail between his legs. These dogs sadly have been traumatized now and it is sooo so unacceptable
KateHutson Muleshadow1 338 days ago
Stress. Really. How stressful do you think it was for the poor dogs
you cant see the dog that is being hit for one the second is nobody had the guts to turn her in or get a picture of her doing something .....hooray for the person who turned her in......and if she had been doing this and no one turned her in shame on them ....i hope she looses what she calls a business and someone give her in return what she has done to these dogs and other animals....I HOPE SHE LOOSES HER (WHAT SHE CALLS) BUSINESS~! If she is so innocent why is she closed til further notice......GUILTY AS BLISS and she talks to dogs like they understand what the hell she is saying I think she is one can short of a six pack myself~!
DoriButterick Muleshadow1 335 days ago
theirs been animals and children abused for years what does that have to do ith it finally shes caught
Maryda 339 days ago
No wonder they don’t want customers waiting while their dogs get groomed/nails clipped. My poor dog. If he was hit, I swear to god!!! He’s a 5 lb chihuahua and I know he snaps when getting nails done but if someone hit him.......
RuthannAlberts Maryda 338 days ago
go for it she deserves it~!
MirrandaBraford 339 days ago
I live in Fond du Lac and this is absolutely absurd! My mom and I used to take our dog there when I was younger. To know that this is happening in this small of a town is heartbreaking! My heart aches for the numerous pets that could have been hurt or injured by this lady. I hope she gets what she deserves.
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